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Thank you for coming to our Visit Us page!

We have put together some information that we hope you will find helpful.  Please watch our short video and read about what you will find on your visit to Durham Church.  We would love to see you on Sunday morning.  Please come join us!

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​​​​Worship Times

Our Sunday worship time is 10:30 am.  We are meeting on Zoom.  Contact us for login details.

We have special worship services at other times of the year and they will be on the calendar and announced on the Home Page.  These worship services include Ash Wednesday, Holy Week Services prior to Easter, and Christmas Eve.

What is the Worship Service?

Our regular worship routine has been modified on account of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Details on this page will be updated to reflect those changes soon.

Our regular Worship service at 10:30 am on Sunday mornings is Holy Eucharist Rite II.  This is a contemporary (using modern English) Holy Communion Service.  This Worship Service is accompanied by our Pipe Organ music and vocals by the Choir.  Our Choir sings during the Worship from September - May of each year.

We follow the Book of Common Prayer (BCP) and these books are provided in the pews.  Each section is listed in the Weekly Bulletin handed out when you enter the Church and it identifies the section and the page number in the BCP.  At different parts of the Worship we stand, sit, or kneel.  Please feel free to ask for assistance and follow what everyone else does.  We are completely understanding of a visitor unfamiliar with our Worship Service rituals.  We will be glad to help.  Come, relax, and enjoy our Worship of God and our Lord Jesus Christ!  We were all new at one time!

How long does the Worship service last?

Normally our Worship lasts from 1 to1-1/4 hours.  Baptisms and special Worship services such as Easter Sunday and Christmas Eve normally take from 1-1/4 to 1-1/2 hours, depending on the attendance.

What should I wear?

You may wear whatever seasonal clothing that is comfortable.  You will see folks dressed in jeans and shirts, and with tennis shoes and sandals to men with a sport jacket and tie.

Where can I sit?

You may sit in any pew.  We have no priority or pre-assigned seating so feel free to sit where you are most comfortable.

Can I come up for Communion?

We at Durham Parish welcome all baptized Christians to the Lord's table.  If you wish to have a blessing from the priest instead of Communion, cross your arms over your chest when the minister comes with the bread.  If you do not want to take the wine, cross your arms over your chest when the minister presents the cup to you.

The Church Building

Our Church building is very old being built in the late 18th Century.  It has had some modernization with the installation of electricity, heat, and air conditioning.  At this time, we do not have a bathroom facility in the Church.  The Parish Hall is a short walk away from the Church and it has handicap-accessible bathrooms.

The Church is handicap-accessible.

The Parish Hall

This building was constructed in the 1960s so it has all the modern conveniences.  The Parish Hall is handicap-accessible by ramp on the side of the building that provides access to the upstairs floor.  We have a handicap-accessible unisex bathroom on the upstairs floor.  A men's room and a lady's room are located at the base of the stairs in the front of the building.

The Parish Hall has a large meeting area and a full function kitchen.


The Nursery is in the Parish Hall downstairs at the end of the hall.  The room has many interesting activities for children and a crib for infants.  There are lots of toys, books, crayons and markers to play with.  We have refrigerators in the kitchen for bottles or food if needed.  The kitchen also has microwaves for use to heat the meals.  All infants, children, and youth are welcome to attend the Worship Service in the Church.  Their sounds are a "joyful noise unto the Lord".



You may park anywhere in the Parking Lot.  We have a loose gravel parking area so please be careful walking.  There are Handicap Parking spaces (2) in front of the Church sidewalk entrance, and several Handicap Parking spaces in front of the Parish Hall.

​Worship with us on Sunday Morning 10:30 am

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