The Altar Guild of Durham Parish is responsible for setting up the Altar for services.  The work of the Altar Guild is usually behind the scenes with much of the activity in the Sacristy. 


Stewardship Committee

Altar Guild

This committee works hard on keeping our buildings and grounds in great shape.

Finance Committee


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Buildings and Grounds

Stewardship is working on our Time, Talent, and Treasure to do God's work at Durham Church.

Several positions of service to the Parish Appointed by the Vestry.  These positions include the Treasurer and Registrar.  Here is some information about these important positions!

Flower Chairman

​​​​Worship With Us Sunday Morning 10:30 am

Pastoral Team

The Cemetery Committee handles burials in the Cemetery and the maintenance and upkeep of the property.  

Each week we have flowers on the Altar through the talents of the Flower Chairman.  

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Worship Volunteers

We have a wonderful Music Program at Durham Parish.  Our accomplished Organist plays our pipe-organ and directs our Choir.

Each Worship Service that we have requires a number of people to do the various jobs to make everything go smoothly.  There are Acolytes, Readers, Chalicists, and more...

The Finance Committee is responsible for overseeing the Church's money.  Church funds, whether in a local account, CD, or investment account are monitored by Finance.  Expenditures, the Annual Budget, and Audits are also their responsibility.

Established 1661   Chartered 1692

"Feeding Souls Since 1661"

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Appointed Positions

Music and Choir

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The Order of the Daughters of The King began at Durham Parish when the Rector's wife started the Queen Anne Chapter.

Cemetery Committee

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Order of the Daughters of the King   (DOK)

The Pastoral Care Team is available for visitation of the sick, home bound, and others...

The Vestry is the elected governing body of the Parish.  It is a representative form of governing.