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In 2017 the Durham Pipe Organ was again Dedicated, this time to the

Glory of God


in honor


Benny C. Morgan

​​Pipe Organ

In 2014 Ben retired as the Organist and Choir Master at Durham.

The following Videos and Photos are from the Dedication and the luncheon following the celebration.

The Recessional Hymn is "Old Durham Church".

Swell Organ

​8' Spitz Flute (1-12 from Gemshorn 8')​

8' Gemshorn   80 Pipes

8' Gemshorn Celeste (TC) 49 Pipes

4' Gemshorn (Ext. 8' Gemshorn)

4' Spitz Flute (ext. 8' Spitz Flute)

2' Spitz Flute (ext. 8' Spitz Flute)

1-1/3' Larigot (ext. 8' Genshorn)

​16' Contra Trompette 12 Pipes

8' Trompette  73 Pipes

8' Clarinet (Great)

4' Clarion (ext. 16' Trompette)


​MIDI on Swell

Three beautiful pieces of music from the 2013 Pipe Organ Dedication ceremony were recorded

and we are glad to share it with you.

The Organist is Benny C. Morgan.

Please enjoy the music.

Benny C. Morgan was a fun-loving and popular person.  In addition to being an accomplished organist and choir director, Ben could also compose music.  In 2010 Ben wrote the music for a hymn called "Old Durham Church" and he dedicated it to the then Rector Fr. David McDonald.  The beautiful lyrics that intertwine with the music provide a good description of Durham Church.  The lyrics were written in 2010 by Donna Hubbard and Patrice Rohde.

Great Organ

​16' Bourdan   12 Pipes

8' Principal      80 Pipes

​8' Gedeckt      80 Pipes

8' Gemshorn   (Swell)

4' Octave    (ext. 8' Principal)

4' Gedeckt  (ext. 16' Bourdon)

2' Super Octave (ext. 8' Principal)

2' Flute (ext. 16' Bourdon)

1-1/3' Mixture II-III ranks 147 Pipes

​8' Trompette (Swell)

8' Clarinet 61 Pipes


Chimes (25 Tubes)

Swell to Great 8'

​MIDI on Great

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Pipe Organ Specifics:

Our pipe organ is a "Double Artiste" built by M. P. Moller in 1975.  The organ was rebuilt by Mark Steiner, of Steiner/Murphy Pipe Organ Co. located in Cumberland, MD.  Clarinet and Chime stops were added during the rebuild for Durham Church.  The organ was first played at Durham Church for the Christmas Eve Service in 2012.  The organ was Dedicated on Sunday, March 10, 2013 as the first in a series of Dedication Concert/Events during 2013.

Pedal Organ

32' Resultant

16' Bourdon (Great)

8' Principal (Great)

8' Gedeckt (Great)

8' Gemshorn (Swell)

4' Choral Bass (Swell)

​4' Spitz Flute (Swell)

2' Mixture III (Great)

16' Contra Trompette ​(Swell)

8' Trompette  (Swell)

4' Clarion  (Swell)

4' Clarinet (Great)

Great to Pedal 8'

Swell to Pedal 8'

​MIDI on Pedal