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Established 1661   Chartered 1692

"Feeding Souls Since 1661"

8700 Ironsides Rd. Nanjemoy, MD 20662


Our very talented Choir performs beautiful Offeratory music and leads us with our many hymns.  If you can sing, would like to learn to sing, or would like to join the Choir anyway - please talk to Kathy!

They would love to add another voice!

Pipe Organ

If you are interested in joining the Choir or helping with the concerts, or joining the Durham Players, please contact our Organist and Music Director, Kathy Doyle at

Kathy Doyle, Organist and Music Director

Meeting Information:           Choir meets each Thursday Evening at 6:30 pm in the Church

​Who we are:

​Music and Choir


​Worship with us on Sunday Morning 10:30 am

The Durham Parish Players - (DPP)

The pipe organ project was initiated by our organist at the time, Benny Morgan.  He was an excellent organist, choir director, and a lover of beautiful music.

​                  For additional information and pictures about our Pipe Organ and the Dedications.

Organist and Music Director​

Kathy Doyle, is our accomplished Organist and Music Director.  Kathy has a long history as the organist at Church.  At Durham Parish, Kathy's abilities as a musician are truly highlighted by our beautiful pipe organ.  The sound of the pipe organ combined with the incredible acoustics in the Church building truly reflect the talent and ability of our organist Kathy Doyle!

8700 Ironsides Rd. Nanjemoy, MD 20662


The Choir is a large part of our Music program at Durham Church.  Our Choir is not large by some standards but their voices present our Worship music with amazing quality and strength.  In addition to the Choir we host concerts in our Church with featured instruments such as the pipe organ, violins, recorders, guitars, and voices!

This picture shows one of the first gatherings of what became the Durham Players at the Annual Picnic in 2015.

Durham Players has since grown adding both people and instruments!

If you play an instrument please consider joining this fun group.  They enjoy playing music together and would love to have you join them!

The Durham Parish Players began playing together in 2015 and we discovered that many of our Parishioners are wonderful musicians!  There are Guitars, a Hammer Dulcimer, Violins, Cello, Recorders and other period instruments.  Their music comes together beautifully and sounds "Divine"!

Christ Church Durham Parish, Nanjemoy, Maryland Instagram Page
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​​​​Worship With Us Sunday Morning 10:30 am