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Established 1661   Chartered 1692

"Feeding Souls Since 1661"

in our historic building at 8700 Ironsides Rd. Nanjemoy, MD 20662

BUT our buildings are currently CLOSED

8700 Ironsides Rd. Nanjemoy, MD 20662


​Worship with us on Sunday Morning 10:30 am

The Hunger Site, a GreaterGood project

Please Support the Hunger Site - it is a sponsor of the Diocesan Hunger Fund!

Long ago, The Ladies Mite Society began delivering food to some local people in the community that needed some assistance.  Millie Hamman asked Joe Plemons to create a Food Pantry to help the many people in the area that are in need.  Joe thought about it and back in 2006, after seeing the poverty in the Nanjemoy area he decided to help us do something about it.  He started the Food Pantry, dedicated in his name, that has served people in need in this part of the County providing food, sometimes clothing, and at Christmas time toys.  Even though Joe has passed on, his legacy and compassion lives on through this ministry.

Joe's Place Food Pantry:
​Changes for the Winter

There are several changes to the Joe's Place schedule coming up:

From November through February, Joe's Place will be open 3:30-5:00pm.  That's one hour earlier than normal.  We're doing that in order to adjust for earlier sunsets.


 Also, we have changed the traffic pattern: please enter at the corner entrance to the parking lot and pull up to the distribution tent.  This  to avoid the risk of back-ups out on the road.

... and where we are today

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A little history...

With the challenges of the COVID-19 virus and everything else that 2020 has thrown at us, we are grateful that Joe's Place continues to serve our neighbors.  Most months this year we have seen a few more people than the month before and have welcomed a few new clients.  In December we served
91 households  (58 on 12/17 alone), representing 264 individuals, including 7 new clients.  For 2020 overall, we served 691 households, representing 2032 individuals.  Donations of money and food continue to come in from parish and community members, and God continues to bless us with the time and energy of dedicated volunteers to purchase, collect, bag, and distribute the food.  Thanks be to God!

​​​​​Joe's Place Food Pantry

Christ Church Durham Parish, Nanjemoy, Maryland Instagram Page

We normally worship Sunday Morning 10:30 am