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The Need To Talk About Race and How to Do It

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We take Christian Education very seriously at Durham Parish.  Many of us enjoy learning and the discussions that go along with the lessons.  Our Episcopal Faith and Anglican Heritage, not only allow us to question and discuss, but requires us to work on the answers to our questions.

Adult Forum

The Adult Forum, our weekly pre-service gathering for study and coffee, is currently on hold, as we look for ways to adapt it to the Corona-time social distancing measures. Check back soon.

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With One Accord: Acts in Easter

Starting April 22, we are gathering over Zoom with our friends from St. James' Indian Head, St. George's Valley Lee, and Ascension Lexington Park for study and fellowship.  The 6- week curriculum we will be using was developed for the Episcopal Cathedral in Houston, and covers the Book of Acts, which tells how the early church got its footing in a confusing time.  Each week the same session will be offered at noon and Wednesday and at 7pm on Thursday.  Zoom links will be sent out by email to the parishes.  Check out the reading schedule here.

This is a group of people in the Parish that want to learn about the affect of color and race in our lives.  Shelly Tochluk's book "Witnessing Whiteness" is the foundation for the class. Each session uses concepts and principles from the assigned chapter to identify how we either benefit or are discriminated against, by our race.