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The Registrar is responsible for keeping the Church Records.  We keep records of Baptisms, Marriages, Confirmations, and Deaths.  Parish records are updated as people join and leave the Parish.  This information is important to determine who can vote in the elections, and for the Annual Parochial Report for the Diocese.

The Clerk of the Vestry records the minutes from each Vestry meeting.  Minutes are kept in binders and available to Parishioners.  The Minutes contain Vestry votes on motions, or actions, and the general business of the meeting.  They also contain any documents or hand outs as attachments.  The Clerk does not need to be on the Vestry.


​Worship with us on Sunday Morning 10:30 am

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The Treasurer is responsible for the financial management of the Parish accounts by applying the decisions made by the Finance Committee, processing donations, paying bills, managing financial software, tracking contributions, compiling and presenting financial reports to the Finance Committee and/or Vestry, and other tasks.

The Alternate Delegate has the same responsibilities as the Delegate, but is only called upon if the Delegate is not able to attend the Diocesan Convention.

Carl Lockamy

Clerk of the Vestry

Every year the Diocese of Washington has a Convention to execute the business of the Diocese.  Each Parish has representation at the Convention in addition to the Rector (Priest).  The Delegate will attend the Convention with the Rector and vote as a representative of Durham Parish.

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Roy Squires

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Alternate Delegate

There are a number of appointed positions in the Parish.  The Vestry, Senior Warden, and Junior Warden are all elected.  Appointed positions are made by the Vestry.  This page has a description of the various appointed positions.  

If you are interested in being appointed to one of these positions, please contact a Vestry person or the Rector.

Delegate to Convention


Appointed Positions

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