Vestry is the name of the elected Parish governing body.  An Annual Meeting is held in early March every year, and part of the business of the meeting is to elect members to the Vestry.  Eight Parishioners serve on the Vestry along with the Rector, Rev. Catharine.  The Vestry is a representative form of governing.  Read more about the Vestry.

Rev. Catharine T. Gibson

8700 Ironsides Rd. Nanjemoy, MD 20662


Established 1661   Chartered 1692

"Feeding Souls Since 1661"

I grew up in Alexandria, Virginia and attended the National Cathedral Schools, where I first fell in love with Episcopal music and liturgy.  I was active in the Episcopal Chaplaincy at Harvard College, where I studied Anthropology.  My husband Rob and I lived in England for a few years before returning to the DC area in 1993, and we have lived in Arlington ever since.  We have two adult children.  I began as a lay assistant at St. James Parish in Potomac, MD.  My journey followed the program from Seminarian, to Deacon, to Priest Associate.  I am delighted to open a new chapter in ministry with you.

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We normally worship Sunday Morning 10:30 am

​Worship with us on Sunday Morning 10:30 am

​Holy Baptism

Our Parish was Established at our current site in 1661.  In 1692, William and Mary of Britain chartered 32 Parishes in Southern Maryland to help the Anglican Faith compete with the Roman Catholic Church, and others.  We have a long and interesting history and we would love for you to read our history.

Collaboration with St. James' Parish

Christ Church Durham Parish, Nanjemoy, Maryland Instagram Page

Loving God through our Worship, Fellowship, Compassionate Outreach,

we are Making a Difference... Together!  Come join us!

We believe that Christian formation is important for all ages and happens best informally through experience  and reflection upon that experience. Our children take part in all aspects of parish life. In worship they are lay readers, acolytes, musicians and singers, and the older ones are chalicists. They also help prepare and serve food at parish events, and help with our food pantry, and lead us in service projects. At this time these activities form the base of their Christian formation along with the reflection we all take responsibility for engaging in with them. We do offer instruction through Sunday school classes, baptism and confirmation classes as the desire arises. We also have an adult forum on Sunday mornings before our worship, and often our teenagers are active participants in these book studies and discussions.

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Our priest helps the family of a deceased loved one to plan an appropriate funeral. If there is interest in burial in our cemetery, we do have plots available. Please call the priest directly at 703-283-4962 or talk with our Senior Warden, Rick Posey.


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In 2014 our Parish joined with St. James' in Indian Head to establish a collaborative effort.  This effort would help both Parishes with shared resources and a shared ministry. Read more about this collaborative effort!

The text of hymn 51 sums up our worship nicely. It is where we can reliably meet God, week after week, remember who we are as God’s people, receive both inspiration and strength to do the work God has called us to do, and give thanks for God’s diverse creation. We are a singing congregation supported by pipe organ and piano, our band, the Durham Parish Players, and other instrumentalists who share their love of music. Our usual Sunday morning worship is Holy Eucharist, with occasional Morning Prayer led by one of our members. We have one service on Sunday at 10:30 am.


We believe that Christian marriage is one important way of becoming the very best persons God has created us to be. Our priest occasionally presides at weddings for people beyond our congregation, but does require attendance at worship during the time of marriage preparation, for exploration of the couple’s connection with God that has brought them to us for this joyful event.

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 at 8700 Ironsides Rd. Nanjemoy, MD 20662

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Baptism begins every Christian’s journey of faith, and we take seriously the pledge we make to do all in our power to support the persons we baptize in their new life in Christ. As a small but mighty congregation we tend to offer baptism as needed or desired rather than at regularly scheduled times. Talk to our priest about your interest.

 ​​Who We Are